The President and directors of the College of Arms Foundation would like to extend a warm thank you to our financial supporters for 2016. This list is not exclusive and only lists financial donors whom have kindly agreed to have their support noted upon our website. We are equally thankful to our other sponsors whom choose to remain unknown.

Fellows of the College of Arms Foundation:

John Shannon
Paul Borrow-Longain

The members of the board of the College of Arms Foundation believe the best way to showcase the art and science of heraldry is to display examples of individuals’ armorial achievements.

Supporters of the College of Arms Foundation to whom the College of Arms, or the Court of the Lord Lyon, or the Canadian Heraldic Authority have granted armorial bearings, or who have inherited such arms, are invited to submit them for display on this website.

To have your achievement of arms featured, please send the following information to John Shannon, President, on

- Full name
- Granting body
- Year of grant
- Blazon
- Digital image of your achievement of arms

The Internal Revenue Service recognised the Foundation as a 501(c)(3) entity. The Foundation's EIN is 13-3152635.